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9/5/2014 7:23 AM

In Vinkovci, the biggest town in South East Slavonia and Vukovar-Sirmium County for more than three and a half decades are held in September Vinkovci Autumn.

Vinkovci Autumn Festival are the largest and most famous folk, cultural, economic and tourist event, not only of Vinkovci and its surroundings, but Slavonia, Baranja and Western Sirmium, and even Croatian mainland as a whole.

In the fall folk elements participating groups from different parts of the Croatian, the diaspora and other countries in Europe and America.

First Vinkovci Autumn Festival held in September 1966th year.

In the beginning it was a local festival of Slavonian folklore of the original on which they performed folk groups from around Vinkovci and then Slavonia and Baranja.

1970. In addition to these groups to participate and the group Smotri Burgenland Croats and Russians and Ukrainians from Petrovac.

Later on Smotri appear folk groups from various parts of former Yugoslavia, Austria, Hungary, Polish, Slovak Republic, Romania, France, Sweden and the United States.

Since 1977 Vinkovci Autumn Festival are the original folklore of peoples and nationalities Croatian, since 1990. The original review of the Croatian folklore and folk elements which perform a group from the Diaspora.

Opening ceremony preceding the Autumn Dance evenings.
They are held several nights before the opening ceremony of the Autumn and they perform a group folk elements from the vicinity of Vinkovci, since 1993. years from the Vukovar-Sirmium County.
Since the eighties of the evening with folk elements of competitive character, and the best group acquired the right to participate in the International folklore festival in Zagreb and Đakovački berths.

The opening ceremony takes place on an open stage in the main square or near Bosut with the program which is the source and inspiration of Slavonia and Šokadija - its customs and traditions of Croatia.

In part the popular Croatian actors, tambura groups and singers of classical, pop and folk music.

At these events, high-cultural arts and entertainment level to bring together thousands of residents of the Bosut, County and visitors from different parts of the Croatian abroad.

Each event is directly transferred HRT.

Vinkovci Autumn celebrate, preserve, nurture and show the original National Treasure, culture and customs, Slavonia, Croatian, and members of other nations as our beloved and esteemed guests.

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