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xianyang olympic sports center includes the main stadium (with a building area of about 70000 ㎡ and more than 40000 spectator seats), comprehensive gymnasium, swimming pool, outdoor training ground and relevant supporting facilities.

xianyang olympic sports center is located in xianyang cultural and sports functional area of xi'an. it is an international and landmark cultural and sports leisure center integrating sports competition, national fitness, distribution of sporting goods and outdoor equipment distribution. it has the ability to undertake international and domestic single events and domestic comprehensive games.

the construction of the main stadium of xianyang olympic games is extremely important, and the requirements for engineering quality and environmental protection are extremely strict, especially for the rubber runway part of the main stadium and training ground of xianyang olympic games center, the selection of runway materials is particularly important. after strict screening, guangzhou tongxin sports equipment co., ltd., as the supplier of beijing bird's nest runway, was finally selected to provide excellent expertise for xianyang olympic sports centerindustry, health and environmental protection, high-tech level of the runway, this is tongxinrubber runwaymore than 20 years old brand recognition!