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ji'an olympic sports center

ji'an olympic sports center is located at no. 133, ji'an south avenue, opposite ji'an vocational and technical college, 2km away from huameili home and about 1km away from the intersection of chengnan expressway.
ji'an olympic sports center gymnasium, known as "jiangxi bird's nest", covers an area of 714666 square meters. it is a place integrating sports events, national fitness, leisure and entertainment, and sports industry development. the steel roof structure of the project adopts three-dimensional space truss steel structure, which is composed of 26 cantilever main trusses and 5 circumferential trusses. the overall structure of the roof is supported on the reinforced concrete column of the lower stand structure. the distance between the inner edge of the short axis and the outer edge of the roof structure is about 136 meters, 210 meters, 210 meters and 240 meters respectively.
the main construction contents include: stadium, municipal sports school, comprehensive training center, comprehensive training ground, swimming pool, tennis court, national fitness center and related auxiliary facilities, with a total construction area of about 149000 square meters. the project of national fitness sports center is divided into two phases: the first phase is to build stadium, sports school, comprehensive training center and comprehensive training field; the second phase is to build natatorium, tennis center, national fitness center and related auxiliary facilities.
the stadium has a construction area of 38000 square meters and 20000 seats.
the construction area of the comprehensive training ground is 21000 square meters
the building area of the comprehensive training center is 120000 square meters
the construction area of sports school is 23000 square meters
the building area of the natatorium is 1.3 square meters, with 2000 seats
the construction area of tennis hall is 12000 square meters

the runway materials used in the ji'an olympic sports center are:

   [prefabricated rubber runway · kangbao]