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changsha lushan international experimental school

changsha lushan international experimental school is a 12-year, boarding public school integrating primary school, junior high school and senior high school. in september 1993, the school was established with the approval of changsha municipal people's government, and a new school running system of "state owned and private" was implemented. the school has developed into a 233 mu school with a building area of 120000 square meters. the school has more than 20 main buildings, such as high-standard teaching building, experimental building, art building, library, gymnasium, gymnasium, swimming pool, expert building, student apartment, restaurant, etc., as well as 400m standard rubber playground, indoor basketball court, football field, body training room and other sports facilities.

the 400m standard track and field rubber track is a football field paved with natural lawn, which is beautiful and comfortable in sharp contrast. for the majority of teachers and students to give the vitality of youth sports, in the red rubber runway and green lawn on the dream, personality sweat!

the runway materials used by changsha lushan binjiang experimental school are:


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