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chongqing wanzhou sports center

chongqing wanzhou sports center covers an area of 32800 square meters, and the level of sports events is class b. the main functional areas include: standard sports venues, spectators, rooms for athletes and sports related functions, vip lounges, as well as business facilities such as commercial and fitness centers. the grandstand canopy on the west side of the stadium adopts the floor steel tube truss structure, which has an atmospheric and powerful shape, with an arch height of 65.10 m and a span of about 250 m. it spans along the river from north to south, becoming the most prominent architectural element of the sports center. the grandstands in the east and west districts are supported by huge v-shaped structural columns, which not only meet the structural stress demand, but also highlight the spirit of sports architecture as an important architectural language.

considering the riverside environment where the building is located, asymmetric stand layout is adopted in the design, with few stands along the river and no canopy. in this way, it not only conforms to the sight level distribution of the stadium stand, but also allows the audience of the west main stand to enjoy the river view and the mountain scenery while watching the game. the off-site mountains and rivers are skillfully blended with the activities in the field, so that the audience can get a unique experience of watching the game.

the steel structure canopy material is self-cleaning ptfe film with 12% light transmittance, which is covered on the west stand in a folded sector. it is like a huge white sail on the river, which contrasts with the green landscape. in addition to the steel structure and canopy, the exterior wall materials also take white as the keynote, giving a simple and pure impression. a large area of green slope is set on the side of the stadium along the river, which is integrated with the large stairs of the audience, making the huge stadium and the natural environment infiltrate and integrate together. asymmetric grandstand, steel arch, v-shaped structural column, and white tone external decoration constitute the modeling characteristics of the stadium, which also makes wanzhou stadium unique in regional color and riverside stylethe runway construction of chongqing wanzhou sports center was adopted by guangzhou tongxin sports industry co., ltdprefabricated rubber runway series,the total area of the site is 7450 square meters. after the completion of the project, the national inspection center will check and accept the completed results, and the acceptance results belong to the class i site of china association of rural areas. a standard runway brings the fitness life of wanzhou citizens, a good runway promotes the progress of a rubber runway, a good runway, and strengthens the national sports fitness.