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guangdong people's stadium


guangdong people's stadium, also known as dongjiaochang, is located in the center of guangzhou. it is located between the south of zhongshan third road, yuexiu district, guangzhou, and the east and west roads of jiaochang. it was initially built in 1932 as a stadium, covering an area of 34000 square meters and a building area of 5500 square meters. there are eight 400m plastic runways, football field and basketball field, which can hold 25000 spectators. it is one of the oldest stadiums in china.

the people's stadium of guangdong province, which enjoys the reputation of "millennium stadium", is the sports and cultural link connecting the east and the west in guangzhou, the birthplace of the maritime silk road, and the modern sports stage of china's earliest sports dream. it enjoys many good reputation, such as "living fossil of lingnan sports culture", "sports and cultural post of the maritime silk road", "china's olympic sports and cultural communication place" the vicissitudes of the year endow the stadium with unique historical and cultural charm; the blue silk road and historical opportunities endow the stadium with profound cultural heritage, which can be called a bright pearl of chinese sports culture. at the same time, it is also the oldest stadium. it has the original mud flat - cinder - ordinary plastic track - advanced rubber track (guangzhou tongxin); however, it chose guangzhou tongxin, which is an advanced technologyprefabricated rubber runwayproducts. with the continuous innovation and development of the times, one of the oldest stadiums, he resolutely believed in guangzhou tongxin.