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huizhou olympic sports center

the project of huizhou olympic sports center started on july 6, 2007. the design of the main venue is based on the concept of "prosperous stage", and the modeling adopts the form of lingnan hakka enclosure and hakka bamboo hat, which fully embodies the local cultural atmosphere and the theme of humanities and green harmony in huizhou. the central stadium is also a modern stadium of environmental protection and energy conservation. the design and construction of the stadium adopts a large number of domestic leading new technologies, materials, processes and energy conservation and environmental protection systems. with a total land area of 420000 square meters, it is composed of nine unit projects, including the main stadium, sports auxiliary stadium, tennis center, athletes' record office, national fitness square, with a total investment of about 900 million yuan. the total floor area of the main stadium is 66000 square meters, which can accommodate 40000 spectators.

the main stadium and training ground of huizhou olympic sports center were awarded the bid and constructed by guangzhou tongxin sports co., ltd. the main stadium covers an area of 12870 square meters, the main training ground covers an area of 10767 square meters, and has obtained the class ii site certification of iaaf and class i site certification of caa.

on july 3, 2010, the 13th guangdong games kicked off in huizhou olympic sports center. a wonderful, grand, complete and safe sports event with "lingnan characteristics and huizhou style" was successfully held here, it has fully demonstrated the development level of sports in guangdong province and the good spirit of the people of guangdong province, promoted the construction of a strong sports province and the development of economic and social sciences, launched the outpost of the guangzhou asian games, and inspired the enthusiasm and efforts of the people of guangdong province to strive for the first place and build a modern cause. as a new landmark building in huizhou, the stadium will become the main venue for large-scale sports activities at home and abroad, and has a variety of commercial development functions.

the track materials used in the main stadium of huizhou olympic stadium are:


 [prefabricated rubber runway, tangdao]