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sports center of chuangzhi new district

the sports center of chuangzhi new area has a planned total land area of 223200 square meters, a total construction area of 51000 square meters, and a planned total investment of 456 million yuan. its main functional buildings include stadiums, gymnasiums, swimming pools, outdoor supporting venues and parking lots. it is the largest sports facility in our city and will become a new landmark in jimo. the main building is of steel frame structure. the west stadium is a semi-circular shape with high winding. the east natatorium and gymnasium are horizontal semi-circular shapes. the huge columns are arranged from low to high, connecting the east and the west, forming a large "s" shape.

not only beautiful shape, sports center construction also adhere to high standards. it is reported that the stadium is designed according to the international standard 400m comprehensive track and field field, with all track and field events and an international standard size lawn football field. the standard 400m comprehensive track and field track adopts our tongxin prefabricated rubber track. all the fixed sports equipment in the venue are of domestic famous brands and big brands, and the quality and construction are first-class in china.

the track materials used in the sports center of chuangzhi new area are:


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