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guangxi sports center gymnasium

the gymnasium of guangxi sports center is composed of the main venue and supporting training venues. it is designed in accordance with the standards for hosting the main stadium of national games, regional international games and some major international and domestic individual sports events, taking into account the functions during and after the games.

the main stadium of guangxi sports center is located in the center of guangxi sports center. it is the largest building of the whole sports center, with a land area of 500 mu and a building area of 123000 square meters, including the construction of surrounding squares and roads, with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan. the main body of the stadium is oval, 420 meters long from north to south, 313 meters long from east to west, and the total height of the building is 76 meters. the "green leaves" and "petals" of the main stadium roof are all steel structures, which require 11000 tons of steel. each "green leaf" on the main stadium is 420 meters long, the widest part is 81.9 meters, and the maximum elevation is 70.25 meters.

the main stadium is the standard semicircle track and field. the track and field is 400 meters long
prefabricated rubber runway,the curve of the runway is semicircle. the radius of the inner circle is 36 meters. each runway is 1.2 meters wide. there are 8 runways and 10 straight runways. the football field set in the field is constructed according to the international standards, with an area of 7140 square meters and a length of 68m × 105m. in addition, there are places for shot put, discus, hammer, javelin, high jump, long jump and pole vault

the stadium is fully functional and can accommodate nearly 60000 spectators. there is a standard football field in the middle of the stadium, and a 400m long track in the periphery. behind the stands, in the vast space of 1-7 floors, there are athlete's room, coach's room, referee's room, vip lounge, news report center and large-scale live game room. among them, the first, second and fifth floors are grandstands and the third and fourth floors are boxes for vip and vip customers. there are 162 in total. the interior of the box will be decorated in the form of hotel rooms with independent toilets. each box is equipped with an independent stand, sitting in the box will not miss the view of the stand, can be integrated into the warm atmosphere of the game at any time.

the main stadium of guangxi sports center is the largest stadium in guangxi at present. it has obtained the class ii site of iaaf and passed the acceptance of the track and field site of china track and field association, and has been identified as the class i site of china track and field association.