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national stadium (bird's nest)

the project covers a total area of 21 hectares, with about 91000 audience seats. after the olympic games, it has become a large-scale professional place for beijing citizens to participate in sports activities and enjoy sports entertainment, and a landmark sports building and olympic heritage.

"bird's nest", known as the "fourth generation stadium" of great architectural works.

the national stadium is the first building built in china according to the pdp construction project mode abroad. the so-called pdp mode is a mode structure of national public and joint operation.

the national stadium is used to host major international, regional and chinese domestic competitions, as well as some non-traditional sports events, providing sports fans with an opportunity to experience the new sports culture; in addition to sports events, other large-scale activities, such as cultural performances, large-scale non-commercial government sponsored activities and large-scale private enterprise activities, will also be held in china home stadium. the national stadium will create its own cultural and cultural atmosphere. by attracting the best domestic and international sports activities and performing arts institutions, excellent services and advanced management technology, the national stadium will become the best large-scale sports activities and performance venues in the country. the national stadium will become a new window for the rest of the world to see china.

the national stadium runway has obtained the iaaf class i track and field certification and the china iaaf class i field certification. the main track covers a total area of 14000 square meters, with a north-south length of 195m × east-west length of 126m. the inner circle of the runway is 400m and the outer circle is 432m.

the track materials used in the national stadium (bird's nest) are

 [prefabricated rubber runway, tangdao]