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fitness trail of shenzhen polytechnic

shenzhen vocational and technical college is a full-time college at junior college level held by shenzhen municipal people's government of guangdong province. founded in 1993, the university was formerly known as shenzhen higher vocational and technical college. it has five campuses, namely liuxiandong, xilihu, guanlongshan, overseas chinese town and fenghuangshan. it plans to build shanwei (shenzhen shantou special cooperation zone) campus, with a total campus area of 2360200 square meters and a building area of 588400 square meters.

and the fitness trail that we tongxin laid for shenzhen polytechnic is called "buyun road". buyun road is located in the south slope of guanlongshan, starting from the road access of tongfa road and guanlongshan campus, and finally left in the east side of the concert hall of xiandong campus, with a total length of 1300 meters and a total width of about 10 meters, including 6.5 meters for the carriageway and 2.5 meters for the sidewalk. there is a crash barrier between the carriageway and the sidewalk. the road project was started on november 1, 2015, and will be completed on december 28 this year. after the completion of the road, it will run through the east, west and north campuses, greatly reducing the traffic time between campuses. on the basis of widely soliciting the opinions of all teachers and students of the university, the party committee of the university decided to name the road "buyun road", taking the meaning of cloud and citic step, implying that the school will go up to the next level and all undertakings will go up to a higher level.

on the afternoon of december 14, 2016, the first happy running activity of shenzhen vocational and technical school was officially launched in the track and field field of xilihu campus, during which it will pass buyun road. the theme of this happy run is youth, sunshine and health. the school hopes that everyone can enjoy the charm of sunshine sports in the happy activities, walk into the playground after work and life, enjoy sunshine sports and experience health and happiness. this happy running activity mainly implements the spirit of the "healthy china 2030" plan, is also an important action to carry out the national fitness campaign and promote the healthy life of the whole people, and enhances the happy, sunny and healthy sports culture atmosphere of the school.

the first happy running activity of shenzhen vocational and technical school