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yugang primary school, baiyun district, guangzhou-69cc全盛棋牌v4.7.5

located at the foot of the five finger mountain, the school was founded in 1927 and has a history of 77 years. in 1979, the school was rebuilt with the enthusiastic donation of hong kong and macao compatriots and villagers. the campus covers an area of 8126 square meters and the building area of the school is 5826 square meters.

in order to provide students with a healthy and happy playground, we chose tongxin's second generation of safe rubber floor mats. the raw material of the safe floor mats is natural rubber, which is non-toxic and harmless, and no harmful substances are added in the production process. the bottom layer of the safety ground mat adopts a highly closed cell foaming process, with numerous small air bags evenly distributed in the bottom layer. in the process of movement, each small air bag can provide excellent impact absorption, play a full protective role, and comprehensively guarantee the safety of children.