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    • 2017-03-08
    • 概要:

      chengdu vocational college of art is a multi-disciplinary and multi-level higher vocational college, which is in charge of the education department of sichuan province, with the characteristics of a...

    • 2017-03-07
    • 概要:

      xinjiang ice sports centerlocated in shuixigou town, urumqi city, xinjiang uygur autonomous region. as the main venue of the 13th national winter games, built at the foot of tianshan mountain, with an...

    • 2017-02-28
    • 概要:

      west lake campus of tongling no.1 middle schoollocated in the east of taishan avenue and the south of xihu north road, it covers an area of 258 mu. the main contents include teaching building, inter...

    • 2017-02-21
    • 概要:

      yangzhou sports park management co., ltd. said: "the stadium of yangzhou sports park will be open to the public free of charge from march 1. at that time, the public can run and play football on the g...

    • 2017-02-20
    • 概要:

      hunan pingjiang no.1 middle schooltianyue academy, founded in 1867, has 147 years of history, during which the vicissitudes of the world and the string songs are endless. there are 48 senior high scho...

    • 2017-02-08
    • 概要:

      shenzhen longhua center primary schoolfounded in 1947, it was moved from longhua south road to no. 316 huayuan road, longhua central district in 1989. shenzhen longhua central primary school covers an...

    • 2017-02-06
    • 概要:

      located in the city of xili university, shenzhen dalton xinhua public school is located at the intersection of the east section of liuxian avenue and xueyuan avenue. the first phase covers an area of ...

    • 2017-01-18
    • 概要:

      the sports center of chuangzhi new district, which has been built for three years, held the 18th national sports meeting of jimo city on october 11, and officially appeared. the "picture" of the sport...

    • 2016-11-18
    • 概要:

      changsha lushan international experimental school is a 12-year, boarding public school integrating primary school, junior high school and senior high school. in september 1993, the school was establis...

    • 2016-11-08
    • 概要:

      on the afternoon of november 5, the xuri track and field of guangzhou jinan university was in full swing. the 7th nike college track and field elite challenge is held here. before the c...

    • 2016-11-07
    • 概要:

      from november 4 to 6, 2016, the 7th nike college track and field elite challenge was officially held in the xuri stadium of jinan university. three guangdong universities, zhongshan university, south ...

    • 2016-11-05
    • 概要:

      the comprehensive track and field project of baiqi national middle school passed the acceptance in october, marking the first national standardized comprehensive track and field in quanzhou taishang d...