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2018 tongxin field association venue award

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recently, the china athletics association officially released the list of qualified sites of china track and field association( http://www.athletics.org.cn/industry/directory/yscdml/2019-01-03/537697.html )。 a total of 177 sites have passed the acceptance.

in 2018, 177 items were accepted by caa. among them, there are 47 sites using prefabricated surface course, while tongxin sports occupies 21 sites (9 sites of class i, 11 sites of class ii and 1 site of class iii). they are as follows:


now, let's take a look at the venue style of tongxin sports which passed the official certification of tian association in 2018

9 class i sites

gaoyou culture, sports and leisure park



xijiang north road sports center, duanzhou district, zhaoqing city


baoying ecological sports leisure park stadium



jiangjin public stadium


daqing stadium



xianyang olympic sports center


east track and field of qishan campus of fujian normal university


hebei olympic sports center outdoor stadium training ground


11 class ii sites


11 changzhou sports schools in class ii venues


changsha changjun bilingual experimental middle school


chongqing no.8 middle school


qianxi sports center


guangyuan aoyuan sports center


outdoor training ground of tongling sports center stadium


east area of inner mongolia agricultural university


xingren fenghuang middle school playground


sichuan aviation cross strait flight university track and field stadium


track and field of datong sports school


 jishui sports center stadium


1 class iii site


chongqing industrial school

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