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2018 tongxin performance review vol.4 hunan

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as the pace of the new year approaches, we can't help but start to look back on this year. in the past year, tongxin sports has achieved its goal step by step, bringing the most healthy and environmentally friendly runway to all parts of the country. let's take a look at tongxin's major achievements in hunan province this year.



yueyang long training school


middle of tonghai road, yueyang city


yueyang economic development zone primary school


baling middle school in yueyang


yueyang kangwang center primary school



yueyang changling middle school


yueyang yuezhi school




secondary school affiliated to hunan normal university


changsha changjun bilingual experimental middle school


changsha changjun bilingual experimental middle school (basketball court)


changsha no.1 middle school


ningxiang future fangzhou primary school


central south forestry university


changsha lushan riverside experimental school


binjiang middle school, changjun, changsha, hunan





jingzhou no.1 middle school


jingzhou no.3 middle school


hengjiangqiao middle school


aoshang school


jingzhou taiyangping primary school


huaihua sports center






yongzhou zhutang primary school track and field





zhenhua experimental school of shaodong no.1 middle school

        tongxin has been working hard for 25 years, adhering to the concept of healthier, more environmental protection, more professional and more durable. the carefully developed series of prefabricated rubber runway products have obtained more than ten industry authoritative professional certifications, such as product certification of china rural association, national sports certification, china environmental mark product certification, iaaf product certification, itf product certification, etc. at the same time, whether it is through the iaaf site certification, or the number of sites accepted by the caa, it has been ranked first in china in recent years, so we choose tongxin, the runway is at ease!

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