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why the blue track?

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in guangzhou, although it began to rain yesterday, it didn't affect the schools to arrange the sports meeting time in full swing. however, xiaobian found an interesting phenomenon. the playground of several schools turned blue.

the red runway turned into blue, which contrasted with the grass. it had a little fresh taste. it made people feel tall at the moment.

why do you want to change the red track to blue? parents guess is blue better for students' eyesight? the reason given by the school is quite simple: because it looks good! "red gives people a dry and hot feeling, while the blue track sets off the blue sky and white clouds, which looks more fresh and tidy. in addition, there are many red runways, and the blue is very bright. " the head of the school explained.







in fact, there is no difference in the material between the blue track and the red track. in addition to color, there are only two subtle differences between the two kinds of runways. the former will fade a little faster and cost a little more than the latter.

why do more and more schools choose the blue track?

the answers given by several schools are surprisingly the same: because the blue track has a high appearance value, it is pleasant to watch, and both students and teachers like it.

"at that time, we had two choices, either red or blue," the school teacher said. these are two completely opposite colors. the former is warm, and blue gives people a feeling of youth, health and upward, so we prefer the fresh feeling of blue. "





i believe you still remember rio olympic games. the main stadium of rio olympic games uses the blue track, which is also a trend in the future. the first to use the blue track was not rio, but the berlin olympic stadium. due to the aging of the stadium for a long time, and in order to apply for the 2000 olympic games, berlin began to rebuild the olympic stadium. the reconstruction project also attached great importance to the historical elements of the berlin olympic stadium, especially the restoration of the original natural stone structure. the main buildings such as the olympic bell tower and the marathon gate were preserved, and the track of the stadium was also painted from red to blue.




the blue track is pleasing to the eyes, which further makes more people like running. this is the same as the original intention of tongxin sports. it is a more reassuring track to make more people love running. choose tongxin, the runway is at ease!

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