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donation ceremony: tongxin devotes herself to charity and helps overseas chinese campus bloom with love

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donation ceremony

on the afternoon of november 14, the teachers and students of overseas chinese experimental school gathered in the playground to hold a grand donation ceremony of lawn rubber playground, and representatives of tongxin group and other caring enterprises who donated tongxin prefabricated rubber runway and anshui stadium to overseas chinese experimental school attended the activity site.



 the fourth from the right is mr. zhang xiao, vice president of tongxin group


it was the four caring enterprises led by guangzhou tongxin sports equipment co., ltd. that initiated the donation activity, which eventually brought the great love to overseas chinese. the donated products include green football field, colorful tongxin prefabricated rubber track, tongxin an speed basketball court and auxiliary field, with a total value of more than 2.85 million yuan.




president wang xianghui and representatives of caring enterprises on the colorful tongxin runway


president wang xianghui, on behalf of all the overseas chinese teachers and students, expressed sincere thanks to the representatives of caring enterprises and the leaders attending the meeting. he thanked the caring enterprises for education and helping the overseas chinese dream. he thanked the leaders at all levels for their hard work and coordination. he also thanked them for their hard work and deep friendship! at the same time, president wang also put forward ardent expectations for overseas chinese students, hoping that they will be grateful and repay the society with their outstanding achievements.

not long ago, the 12th sports festival of lanzhou overseas chinese experimental school came to an end. let's review the vitality of the teachers and students of the school.










on this day, all the teachers and students dressed in costumes gathered on the colorful tongxin prefabricated rubber runway, and the beautiful campus became a happy ocean. this sports festival can be described as a grand scene, magnificent momentum, teachers and students dance together, home and school celebrate together.










colorful tongxin runway




  there is a spirit called the spirit of public welfare, there is a feeling called the feeling of public welfare. the donation of the lawn rubber playground is devoted to the love and responsibility of people from all walks of life for the education of overseas chinese. tongxin sports perfectly interprets the mission and responsibility of love with its own actions. be grateful and walk with the good. "public welfare" will continue, grow, inherit, condense, progress and sublime here. gratitude is in the heart, gratitude is in the deed. it is hoped that overseas chinese students will not forget their kindness, cherish their possessions, study hard, and become pillars with vision, feelings, patterns and responsibilities.

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