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[transfer: southern ] sports "1 1" | confident that the annual revenue will not decline, why is this guangdong sports enterprise?

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"sports 1 1" is a new sports news commentary audio and video media column launched by south sports channel. this column combines sports policies, sports events and hot topics of sports industry, and focuses on sports facts through 1-on-1 interviews with big coffee.

the first series of sports "1 1" reports, in combination with guangdong sports venues association and guangdong sports journalists association, have conducted in-depth discussions on the resumption of production and future development trend of sports venues industry. in this period, chen chen, general manager of guangzhou tongxin sports equipment co., ltd., vice president of guangdong sports venues association, was invited as a guest to talk about the prospect of sports equipment enterprises returning to work.



guangzhou tongxin sports equipment co., ltd. was founded in 1999, focusing on "prefabricated rubber stadium roll", the carefully developed prefabricated rubber runway series products have obtained a number of industry authority certification, the national stadium bird's nest, shanghai stadium and other famous stadiums have selected tongxin runway. in recent years, tongxin has ranked first in domestic brands, no matter the number of sites certified by iaaf or accepted by caa, which marks that tongxin is the leader in china's professional track and field field field, and has also won the honor of national sports industry demonstration unit. as the largest standard runway manufacturer in china, tongxin was also impacted by the epidemic. but judging from the annual revenue forecast, tongxin is confident that the annual total revenue will not be lower than that of last year. where does their confidence come from? what can we learn from the development model of enterprises?


we are confident that the total revenue will be the same as last year

reporter:this epidemic lasts for a long time. what are the specific impacts on tongxin?

chen chen:after the outbreak of novel coronavirus pneumonia, many people started to fight against diseases at home, and many companies postponed the operation. at the same time of doing well in epidemic prevention, tongxin's colleagues also worked at home and online for a period of time. the commencement of some construction projects was postponed, and the negotiation of some projects could only be conducted online or delayed.

reporter:in terms of operation, what is the impact? chen chen: from the data of the same period, the revenue of the first quarter of this year is almost the same as that of last year. although the impact of the epidemic will continue for some time, we are confident that we will strive to achieve a total revenue of no less than last year.


quality and reputation are the source of confidence

reporter:the overall impact of the epidemic on the sports industry is still relatively large. according to survey data, in the first quarter of this year, the total revenue of more than half of sports industry enterprises fell by more than 50% compared with last year. most sports enterprises forecast a year-on-year decline in revenue. where does tongxin's confidence come from?

chen chenwe are confident that we can do this by taking into account objective and subjective factors. in terms of objective factors, the first quarter is the off-season of our industry, and the spring festival holiday is removed, so the impact on the first quarter is not significant. the second is related to the industry demand cycle. in 2019, as the new runway quality and construction standards at the national level are not fully determined, the demand side is waiting. after the standards are determined in 2019, the demand will be released, and the number of our customers will increase instead of decrease.


reporter:what about subjective factors?

chen chen:subjective factors i think are more important, that is, product quality and public praise. runway belongs to synthetic sports surface products, artificial grass and pvc floor also belong to this category. our main product is runway. in 2013, we made a runway in south korea, which was recognized by iaaf and other institutions, and reached the first-class international level in quality. our company is fully responsible for the site construction and marking of 2019 iaaf diamond league shanghai station, which represents that we have reached the world-class level in word of mouth. with products and word-of-mouth, we won't worry about sales this year.

reporter:judging from the development of the global epidemic situation, it will take a longer time for the recovery of foreign markets. don't tongxin worry about the impact on export sales? chen chen: from the perspective of the marketing structure of manufacturers of sports surface of synthetic materials, many chinese enterprises are mainly engaged in foreign trade, such as artificial grass enterprises. tong xin thought a long time ago that in the runway business, there is a large demand in china, such as schools, stadiums and so on. now 95% of our business is domestic sales, while only 5% is export sales. therefore, the limited export sales will not have a great impact on us. of course, when we first chose domestic sales as the main market, we could not predict that there would be an epidemic, but this epidemic might enlarge the advantage of "domestic sales".


better word of mouth is more difficult than better quality

reporter:you mentioned that quality and word-of-mouth are the preconditions for the competition between the two businesses. is it more difficult to do well in quality or word-of-mouth?

chen chenfrom the perspective of tongxin's development process, most of the company's senior executives are technical professionals. we can achieve world-class quality, which has a lot to do with the company's technical strength and r & d investment. without these, quality cannot be said.

however, in terms of actual operation, it took us about 3 years to build the runway around 2010, and it took us nearly 7 years to achieve the international first-class reputation from 2013 to 2019. for us, it takes more time to do a good job of word of mouth.

reporter:why does word of mouth take more time?

chen chenchina's sports industry started late, and sports product manufacturing enterprises gradually increased from 2000. before the product standards were formulated by foreign industry organizations, foreign sports enterprises had the first chance to mature products earlier. moreover, the cooperation between foreign enterprises and foreign industrial organizations had been carried out for decades before the large-scale emergence of chinese sports product manufacturing enterprises. chinese enterprises need to spend more energy and time to squeeze into this circle and obtain public recognition.

it's like a chinese who is used to drinking tea produced by a domestic company. it's hard to imagine that there is a foreign company selling tea to this customer。


it's not easy to win the public praise of sports "made in china"

reporter:what is the process to do well in word of mouth?

chen chenfirst of all, there must be quality assurance. your quality cannot be inferior to or even better than foreign products. second, you should use your strength to persuade international organizations to dare to use your products. for example, if the iaaf holds a-level competition, you should strive for cooperation opportunities. the third chance is for you to do your job well and win the recognition of all the competitors. each of these three steps is not easy. the second step is especially difficult. there are not one or two foreign companies competing with you.

reporter:due to the late start of china's sports industry, in fact, many sports enterprises, no matter from the sports product manufacturing industry, sports event operation, stadium operation, etc., are facing the problem of how to do a good job of "made in china" public praise in the field of sports industry.

chen chenit is. you start later than others. if you want to catch up with or surpass others, you have to make more efforts. this may be a problem faced by most chinese sports enterprises in their development. whether the business is mainly domestic or export-oriented, the competition with foreign sports enterprises is inevitable.

reporter:in addition to the efforts of the enterprise itself, what can the external environment help?

chen cheniron making also needs to be hard. if we want to be first-class in the world in terms of products, hard strength is the foundation. enterprises want to have a more fair and just external competition environment. sports products are professional, and the demander may not understand the specific parameters and standards. i hope that the government, industry organizations and media can help popularize some industry knowledge and standards, and create a good competitive environment. in fact, this is not only the competition between domestic and foreign enterprises, but also the competition among domestic peers. in recent years, there are many policies to support the sports industry in china, and the sports industry is also developing vigorously. it may be because the industry started late, so it will take some time for supporting policies to be implemented. i hope relevant departments can promote the implementation of policies more vigorously.

reporter:after the epidemic, are you confident in the development of china's sports industry?

chen chenalthough most of china's sports industry enterprises have been greatly impacted, the fundamentals for the development of sports industry have not changed. the country has paid more and more attention to the development of this industry. the demand for mass sports has increased gradually, and the sports consumption has been released gradually. in general, we are confident in the future development.

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