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a playground is a paradise

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——caring for left behind children, tongxin helps primary school children grow up happily in the new era



in march 2017, the third national sports facilities summit forum, sponsored by guangzhou tongxin sports industry group co., ltd., launched a book donation activity for children in the new era primary school of shanting district, zaozhuang city, shandong province, which has attracted wide attention of enterprises and people of love all over the country. recently, all donated books have been delivered to the library of the new era primary school. it is gratifying for children to read carefully. thank you to all the enterprises and individuals who are dedicated to the children of the new era!


in this season of spring and flowers, on the morning of april 22, shanting district new era primary school ushered in their long-awaited 2017 spring track and field fun games.


    the opening ceremony of 2017 spring sports meeting of shanting district started at 7:58 am. the host's warm opening speech kicked off the opening ceremony of the games. the first was the exciting entrance ceremony. in the vigorous march of athletes, the national flag team, the garden emblem team and the colorful flag team composed of 44 children are at the front of the team. they are walking in a neat pace and full of energy. it reflects the growing spirit of shanting new era primary school, and shows the fruitful results of shanting new era quality education.



       this sports meeting is rich and colorful in content, lively and novel in form. it is open to all students. regardless of age and ability, the children present are all small athletes in the games. they all have sports to participate in the competition. every child has the opportunity to show and exercise. children in shanting district in the new era full of love under the cultivation of interwoven into a beautiful landscape.


        the games not only let children experience the joy of sports, the power of cooperation and the joy of success, but also created a stage for children to show themselves bravely, which not only trained their independent quality but also promoted their all-round development.


  tongxin always believes that "a playground is a paradise". in september 2016, the prefabricated rubber runway laid by guangzhou tongxin sports industry group co., ltd. was officially put into use. children are running, playing and playing on the track. those moving smiling faces are the best gifts for children.

to create a safe and secure paradise for children is the unshirkable responsibility of every enterprise with a sense of social responsibility. strict standards and testing for environmental protection and health protection, and ultimately let the happy movement fall into practice, fall at the foot of every child.

happy sports, you and me!

choose tongxin, the runway is at ease!

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