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dalian university for nationalities autumn games

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the autumn sports meeting of dalian university for nationalities has come to a close!
on the sports ground in november with the cool autumn wind,
the red flag is in full swing.
warm autumn wind, fiery runway, young students,
formed a beautiful scenery line!




here are athletes striving for honor and ideals,
there are judges who have been working hard in the sun,
there are volunteers who offer silently in and out of the field,
what's more, it's good for us to protect professional sports
tongxin prefabricated rubber runway






more than 1200 athletes from 35 teams of teachers and students were reviewed






during the games,
in the track and field, the athletes strive to be the first,
full display of vigorous youth,
it also shows a faster, higher and stronger olympic sports spirit.






because of the quality and professional guarantee, in addition to the main track of the development zone campus games is provided by tongxin sports, the newly built track of jinshitan campus of dalian university for nationalities is also provided by tongxin sports! let's take a look at the runway of jinshitan campus:



tongxin sports is not only the supplier of beijing's "bird's nest" runway, but also the drafter of the new national standard gb36246-2018,

it is also the runway supplier who recently occupied the hot search lpl arena (south korea incheon wenhe arena)!

what's exciting is that from a certain point of view, tongxin runway has integrated into online and offline, virtual reality sports and competitive carnival!

choose tongxin, the runway is at ease!

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