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one kilometer flower path in nanhu park

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nanhu park of changchun city, founded in 1933, is located in the urban area of changchun, the largest automobile industry city in china, with a total area of more than 2.22 million square meters and 92 hectares of lake surface. it is the largest urban park in northeast china, the second largest park in china, second only to the summer palace. the beautiful south lake park of changchun, with distinctive features and a long history, has renovated and built a well-known "one kilometer flower path" under the condition of improving and upgrading the national fitness environment and building more scientific, professional and intelligent fitness equipment.

this "one kilometer flower path" is a healthy, environmental friendly, professional and durable fitness path built by the professional tongxin prefabricated rubber track. because there are dozens of flowers and plants on both sides of the track, such as golden dolls, peonies, hemerocallis, etc., it has formed a fitness path suitable for national sports, fitness and flower enjoyment.

the upgrading and reconstruction of the one kilometer flower path of nanhu park has been highly valued by the sports bureau. from the design concept to the selection of footpath materials, there is no lack of careful planning and careful selection.

according to the staff of changchun sports bureau, the original intention of nanhu park runway construction is mainly to consider the fitness needs of the public. compared with the original gravel road, rubber runway is more conducive to running, walking, jumping and other fitness activities when it comes to the selection of runway materials, the staff said: "the runway and the beijing bird's nest's runway are made of the same material of plastic, which is natural, environmentally friendly, wear-resistant and antiskid. the public will also play a buffer role in the fitness above."

tongxin's professional prefabricated fitness footpath is more suitable for human body movement, and can play a good cushioning role in spine and joints. not only that, in addition to the high-quality professional fitness trail, tongxin is not only natural and environmentally friendly, but also wear-resistant and antiskid, attracting many tourists to come here and see it first.

it is reported that ms. zhang, who runs in nanhu park all the year round, is very satisfied with the new track, saying: "the new track is very soft and comfortable. the gravel road is very hard. it's not good for the joints after running for a long time. with the plastic track, it's very labor-saving to run! ".

in the mainstream era of national fitness, in order to provide the public with professional, safe, healthy and environmental protection fitness trails, major cities across the country are scrambling to improve and upgrade the urban sports track.
let's take a look at the prefabricated fitness trail provided by tong xin. is there your city? welcome to collect and forward, go to tongxin fitness trail to experience the excellent sports experience!

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