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the 11th kunshan sports meet

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on october 14, kunshan sports center stadium was full of laughter, cheers and shouts. the kunshan sports center stadium, which is laid by guangzhou tongxin, is holding the interesting events competition of the 11th kunshan sports meet in full swing.



in the competition field, various props should be placed, and all the athletes are preparing for the battle enthusiastically. it is reported that there are three competition groups in this competition: system group, district town group and enterprise group. they are the competition items with money rolling, 50m kangaroo jump face-to-face melon delivering relay, 4 * 100m autumn harvest (carrying sandbags), 2-minute jump rope, 30m skate race relay, 30m bridge crossing river, caterpillar race, 100m obstacle race, happy feet, 100 hair and 100 medium-sized apartment race and entertainment.






with the slogan of "one, two, one, two and two", a group of eight people worked together to carry the ladder forward synchronously. there are three links in the event of obstacle race, the first link needs to run up and cross the round gate hole, the second prop is hurdle, but it needs the athlete to drill down from the hurdle, the third link is jump, the athlete needs to step on the hole to jump forward, and there is a distance between each link needs to run and sprint. i can only see that all the athletes are very flexible, and they are constantly performing speed and passion in the competition......



in individual projects, they actively put in and do their best; in group projects, they cooperate tacitly and work together.



through this interesting event competition, the athletes are not only temporarily liberated from the daily heavy work, released the pressure, enjoyed the fun of life, but also helped them to enhance their confidence in a happy atmosphere, experience the cohesion and centripetal force in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere, and add more power to their work and life in the future.



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