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times call for talents, talents create the future

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talent is the most critical and basic factor in the economic and social development, especially in the urban economic development, the role of talent as the "first resource" of innovation is more prominent. it can be said that without the talent gathering on the top of the pyramid, we cannot occupy the innovation commanding point.

as a first tier city, guangzhou has a fierce competition for talents. in recent years, panyu district party committee and district government have attached great importance to innovation driven development, focused on attracting talents and gathering talents, insisted on talent resources as the "first resource" to promote scientific development, vigorously implemented the strategy of strengthening the district with talents, and achieved outstanding results. since the "1 4" talent policy was carried out in 2016, the supporting policies have been of real gold and silver, which are attractive to the "high-end and top-notch" innovative talents gathering and promote the talent construction to a new level.

according to the implementation opinions of guangzhou panyu district people's government of guangzhou municipal committee of the communist party of china on accelerating the gathering of industry leading talents (fanfa [2016] no. 11) and supporting documents, after half a year's application and review of various procedures, and after the approval of the district talent leading group, the organization department of panyu district committee, panyu district human resources and social security bureau, panyu district science, technology, industry, commerce and information bureau the "1 4" industrial talent policy selection results of panyu district 2019 jointly held by guangzhou zhihuigu talent union and guangzhou panyu science and technology industrial park development union were published.


at the awarding ceremony of "1 4" industrial talents project in panyu district in 2019, professor cai chenmin, chairman of tongxin sports, won the honorary title of "high end talents of panyu district in 2019". dr. chen chen, general manager of tongxin sports, won the honorary title of "innovation leader of panyu district in 2019". it is worth mentioning that only 10 of the "innovation leaders of panyu district" selected by dr. chen chen won this time. tongxin sports, with its high level of hard and soft power, has successfully obtained its own glorious witness in the fierce and courageous campaign! when one makes a real achievement, he becomes known!


chairman cai chenmin of tongxin sports

professor cai chenmin, chairman of tongxin, the 193rd torch bearer of the torch relay of 2008 beijing olympic games

cai chenmin, chairman of tongxin sports, a bachelor of chemical engineering department of zhejiang university, has successively served as assistant engineer of guangzhou petrochemical general plant of sinopec group, engineer of guangzhou dongshan chemical raw material company, chairman / general manager of guangdong tongxin cultural facilities co., ltd., and now chairman and president of tongxin sports company.

since 2012, he has been specially employed as a visiting professor of the school of materials by central south forestry university of science and technology; since 2015, he has served as the first and second president of guangdong sports facilities manufacturers association; since 2018, he has served as the executive director of the green sports field research institute of primary and secondary schools of the equipment research and development center of the ministry of education. at the same time, he also served as vice chairman of guangdong sports venues association and director of national sports goods industry federation.


the winner of innovation leading talents in panyu district in 2019 -- general manager of tongxin sports chen chen

professor m. stanley whittingham, 2019 nobel prize winner in chemistry (left), dr. chen chen, tongxin sports (right)

dr. chen chen, general manager of tongxin sports, ph.d. in materials chemistry of wuhan university and binghamton university of new york, and professor m. stanley whittingham, the 2019 nobel prize winner in chemistry. he has been engaged in sports industry for more than ten years and is committed to transforming polymer material technology into application in sports industry. he has presided over the sports technology of synthetic sports surface of many large domestic stadiums and completed the certification of the most number of iaaf venues in china.

the award is the recognition of all departments of panyu district on the achievements of tongxin sports in recent years, and also an important measure of panyu district government to encourage enterprises to attach importance to talent training and promote scientific and technological innovation. here, i sincerely thank panyu district government for its support and help to tongxin sports for many years.
tongxin sports association will, as always, take scientific and technological innovation as its foothold, strive to develop into a world leading high-tech leading enterprise integrating r & d, production, sales and installation of environmental protection prefabricated polymer floor (sports floor, commercial floor, civil floor and multi-functional floor) by 2025.
in the future, tongxin sports will shoulder its mission, uphold the core values of "responsibility, integrity, innovation and win-win", develop the sports industry with scientific research and innovation, fully support the national green fitness, school physical education, professional sports competition, and provide more healthy, safer, comfortable, broader, professional and advanced sports for the vast body-building population, school teachers and students, and professional athletes to develop the flooring market with new materials and new technology, and to provide the masses with environmentally friendly, safe, professional, durable and applicable classroom floor, office floor, public place floor and multi-functional floor, to create a better and healthy floor environment.
choose tongxin, the runway is at ease!

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founded in 1999, guangzhou tongxin sports equipment co., ltd. is a successful enterprise focusing on the research, production and installation of "prefabricated rubber stadium roll".

we have been working hard for more than 20 years. tongxin adheres to the concept of being healthier, more environmentally friendly, more professional and more durable. the series of carefully developed prefabricated rubber runway products have obtained a number of industry authority certification. at the same time, the quality of the products is well-known. the national stadium, the bird's nest, shanghai stadium and other famous stadiums have chosen the same track. at the same time, whether through the iaaf site certification or the number of sites accepted by the caa, tongxin has been ranked first in domestic brands in recent years, which indicates that tongxin is the leader in the field of professional track and field venues in china, and has also won the honor of the national sports industry demonstration unit.


      professional, dedicated and high-quality r & d team is one of the main core competitiveness of tongxin enterprise. the r & d team led by cai chenmin, chairman of the board of directors, is at the leading international level and has obtained more than ten national patent technologies. tongxin is the main drafter of the new national standard of the ministry of education, ranking first among all manufacturers, and also the drafter of many relevant national, group and local standards. the professional quality is well known in the industry, leading the technical trend of the industry.

tongxin is also committed to promoting the more environmentally friendly and healthy prefabricated rubber sports surface to the school field. it adheres to the concept of "all for the next generation" and provides sports surface products that guarantee environmental protection and health from the source for the young children of the motherland. over the years, it has provided thousands of completely green sports venues for all over the country.


twenty years of wind and rain, tongxin has grown into a towering tree, with r & d as the root, production as the trunk, product as the fruit, service as the green leaf, installation as the branch, and marketing as the crown. tongxin looks forward to and firmly believes that only by upholding the enterprise spirit of "professionalism, focus, support and win-win" can we continue to create more brilliant achievements, which will be the glory and dream of tongxin and will continue for a long time.

due to the limitation of articles, please pay attention to tongxin sports official account for the more achievements of tongxin sports.

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