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vigorous jiangjin, a charming city

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on the afternoon of november 8,
the third sports meeting of jiangjin district
opening at jiangjin stadium!
jiangjin people's once-in-a-four-year sports pageant has kicked off!
47 teams, more than 13000 people gathered in the stadium
witness the long-awaited moment together
enjoy the happiness and passion of national fitness.



with the theme of "vigorous jiangjin, charming city", this district games lasted for 19 days. 5686 athletes from all towns, streets and all aspects of society in the region will compete in 14 sports, including track and field, swimming, football, basketball and martial arts.



the environmental protection track of chongqing jiangjin sports center uses guangzhou tongxinprefabricated rubber runway,tongxin prefabricated rubber runway has excellent physical performance, which can provide good protection for the competitors and enable them to maximize their potential in the competition process to achieve good results.




in recent years, jiangjin has implemented the national fitness program and built a number of sports venues. the proportion of people who regularly take part in physical exercises in the whole district has reached 45%, and they have been rated as the national advanced sports collective for many times. they have made good achievements in 55 gold, 72 silver and 61 copper in the fifth municipal games.






let's review the grand opening ceremony with xiaobian




town and street group, 29 town and street delegations show up with vigorous steps……



system group, 221 athletes form a comprehensive delegation of party and government organs……



in the university group of tianjin, 6 universities are striding forward
stylistic performance
cultural and sports performance of the opening ceremony
it integrates the elements of jiangjin's "hometown of longevity" and "hometown of martial arts"
a huge lineup of 500 students
martial arts performance
there are also colorful ball dances displayed by jiangjin old sports association







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