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the 11th national minority traditional sports meet opened in zhengzhou olympic sports last night

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opening ceremony of the 11th national minority traditional sports games
the theme is: the chinese nation, a family, work together for a new era
last night at 20:00 in zhengzhou olympic sports center



the track and field, training ground and basketball court in zhengzhou olympic sports center are paved with prefabricated rubber track and prefabricated rubber court roll for tongxin sports. among them, zhengzhou olympic stadium will apply for the first-class venues of china association of field.

        this is another time that tongxin sports has provided professional and excellent sports ground rolls for national level sports venues after the iaaf diamond league (shanghai station), the world police and firefighter games.

tongxin sports prefabricated rubber runway project
this grand national event,
i believe you have been looking forward to it for a long time,
let's go straight to the subject,
let's review last night
wonderful performance of zhengzhou olympic sports center


the opening ceremony is divided into three chapters:
the first chapter is the praise of china, the main body of which is the traditional music and dance of tibetan, uygur, korean and other ethnic minorities, represented by the world intangible cultural heritage twelve muqam, which has built the stage of national celebration;

the second chapter, the color of henan, carries forward henan's historical civilization with a long history of the yellow river, such as the yellow river's water, vertical and horizontal pivot, hehe taiji and wei shaolin, etc., and shows in an all-round way the centred features of millions of central plains children, who bear in mind the general secretary's yin yin's exhortations and move towards the "central plains more colorful".

chapter three: embracing dreams, watering pomegranate trees with compatriots of all ethnic groups, showing 56 ethnic groups "clinging to each other like pomegranate seeds", implying that "the chinese nation, one family, builds the chinese dream together".


solemn flag raising ceremony, the whole scene boiling, everyone heart to heart singing the motherland, singing all over the land of china!



      wang yang, member of the standing committee of the political bureau of the cpc central committee and chairman of the national committee of the chinese people's political consultative conference, announced the opening of the 11th national minority traditional sports meeting of the people's republic of china! in a flash, gorgeous fireworks bloom in the night sky, zhengzhou olympic sports center becomes a happy ocean.


the moving song praises the friendship, the joyful dance delivers the joy. the national celebration of the games will last for 9 days. we have collected the site map of the games for you. please pay attention to more events and cheer for them on the spot!

    at the same time, you are welcome to experience the professional tongxin prefabricated rubber runway on the spot, and compare the excellent experience of the runway hosting national level events with your usual sports ground~

      the opening and closing ceremonies are all held in zhengzhou olympic sports center. please look forward!

here, tongxin sports wishes:

the 11th national minority traditional sports meeting was a great success!


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