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jiangsu released the plastic track industry standard environmental monitoring indicators increased

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  july 12, jiangsu sports building construction industry association in nanjing issued the first "sports engineering professional qualification certificate." 62 companies on-site commitment will be in accordance with the "jiangsu province, synthetic sports venues and facilities construction guidelines (trial)", including the construction of plastic track, including sports facilities, the reporter also noted that the new industry standards for the first time increased the plastic track of environmental testing indicators and limited standards, to prevent "toxic runway" into the campus.
  in recent years, "toxic runway" in the country and more exposure, the safety of sports facilities on campus also caused widespread concern in society. jiangsu sports construction industry association vice president shen zu jian believes that the occurrence of toxic runway incident, the main factor is the bad business in order to reduce production costs, in the production process in violation of national standards, without the addition of some toxic and harmful but cheap material. for example, in order to facilitate the construction, add solvent; runway inside the main raw material free, there are some heavy metals may have an impact on the health of users.
  as the campus sports facilities related to engineering, environmental protection, education, sports and other departments, it is prone to regulatory status unknown. in this regard, the office of jiangsu province, liu feng, deputy director of education office of plastic admits, "toxic runway," the root of the crime in the "regulation." industry sources, the plastic runway production of raw materials by the technical quality supervision and management departments to monitor, and the construction process and supervision by the housing construction sector, campus plastic runway management and education sector, so to prevent the runway incident occurred, urgent the need for the introduction of unified national production and construction of environmental standards.
  june 22 this year, the ministry of education to halt all schools in the country under construction and the proposed plastic runway projects, but also to the regular production of the production and management have a huge impact. jiangsu province sports construction industry association, said li yanming, the jiangsu sports building association introduced the local "plastic runway construction standards", hoping to self-discipline through the industry to ensure the quality of the runway, and resolutely resist and prevent some of the " runway "incident.
  it is understood that the "guide" on the campus plastic runway industry chain, each link has done a strict requirement, the biggest bright spot is based on the national standard to increase the environmental testing indicators and limited standards. for example, the first proposed ban pahs, equivalent to the "national standard" to upgrade to the implementation of the relevant standards of the european union to ensure that certified companies involved in the construction of each campus plastic runway can be environmentally friendly and safe.

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