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hangzhou won the right to host the asian games sports-intensive industry to welcome the golden period

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at the 34th oca congress, hangzhou successfully won the right to host the 2022 asian games, becoming the second in beijing, guangzhou, the third after the asian games (http://www.f-paper.com/). will be the chinese city.
this year, china has successively won the 2022 winter olympics, 2019 men's basketball world cup's right to host. in may at the fifa general assembly, the chinese football association president cai zhenhua made it clear that china has an urgent bid to host the world cup.
with the success of a series of world series, china's sports industry development will also enter the fast lane. steady growth in the second half of the measures overweight, the sports industry will also become china's key industries to promote consumption. last october, the state council issued the "speed up the development of the sports industry to promote sports consumption in a number of opinions" has said that by 2025, the total size of the sports industry is expected to more than 5 trillion yuan, to promote economic and social sustainable development of the important forces.

hangzhou held the asian games or the release of 100 billion infrastructure investment

according to information obtained on the shanghai securities news, the 2010 guangzhou asian games total investment of more than 1200 billion yuan, hangzhou is expected to invest in the future will be more than a lot.
the success of the asian games in hangzhou, the right to host the city's urban infrastructure is expected to be long-term investment. overall, the capital investment in urban reconstruction around the asian games, in addition to construction and maintenance of the venue, the asian games running funds, mainly for urban landscape and environmental improvements, including subway construction, urban roads, bridges and infrastructure, and environmental rectification, industrial sewage treatment and other funds.
this series of projects and projects, is expected to first make hangzhou and zhejiang local infrastructure listed companies benefit, seiko steel, asia shares, shares of hangzhou iron and steel and so worthy of attention.

china 's large - scale event - intensive local sports industry to promote policy - intensive landing

with a series of major events held the right to land in china, in the next 10 years, china is expected to usher in a major sports event-intensive period. which for the promotion of sports industry in china to promote the national strategy of sports consumption, will have a huge stacking effect. the huge market space for sports industry is expected to open quickly.
in addition, it is noteworthy that since 2014, "on speeding up the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption, a number of opinions" since the issuance of local governments this year, intensive introduction of local version of the implementation of views, said to accelerate the development of sports industry to promote sports consumption. preliminary statistics show that as of the end of august, 11 provinces and cities have introduced local sports development policy, the cumulative size of the sports industry of about 270 million yuan.

sports industry as a "promotional fee, steady growth," an important starting point

from the recent national policies of various sectors of the tone of view, "steady growth" has become the second half of the top priority of economic work. the steady growth of the measures, except to increase investment, the promotion of consumption will also become one of the key.
because of this, the sports industry as the representative of the emerging consumer industry will become china's focus on nurturing industry. it is foreseeable that the central and local governments at all levels, the future is expected to increase policy support, and promote the development of sports consumer market.
dongxing securities on the 15th organized the theme of "through the cycle of service industry," the small and medium-sized market forum. dongxing securities believes that the future market will go into the pseudo-real stage, the next round of investment opportunities through the cycle will be in the pension industry, after the market services and leisure and entertainment as the representative of the service industry.
dongxing securities believes that the economic development and demographic changes will promote the traditional consumption of the residents to eat, drink, play, music-based leisure service change. in the bud of the sports market growth potential is enormous. the separation of management and operation, the release of sports rights and other sports system to bring dividends and sustained rise in population health demands, will open the golden years of sports industry development.

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