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yantai successfully held the sports industry exchange

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september 12 to 13, by the zhifu district sports development center hosted the second session of the yantai sports industry exhibition in the zhifu district people's stadium held a grand. the exchange will be 2 days, more than 160 exhibitors on-site exhibition area of 1 million square meters, 320 booths, more than 12,000 people to the fair on-site visitors enjoy the sports feast style. it is understood that this exchange will be designed for the district sports enterprises and the public to build a communication between the interactive platform to showcase the latest products and development results, strengthen our sports services sector to meet the growing diversity of the general public, multi-level sports needs. according to statistics, 2-day exchange will be on-site turnover of 1.2 million yuan, 2.6 million yuan to reach a transaction intention. it is understood that in order to actively expand our district sports products and services, and guide the flow of social idle funds to the sports industry, promote the sports industry to become an important force in economic restructuring and upgrading. zhifu district sports development center from the fight for funds to tendering investment lasted six months, meticulously planned, held the current yantai sports industry exhibition exchange event. the exchange will build from the fitness and leisure services, sports goods sales, sports venues, service, sports intermediary training, sports lottery industry sports market and industry exchange stage.


zifu sports development center staff, the exchange of unprecedented scale, the largest number of sports enterprises participating, covering the bike, football, basketball, martial arts, bodybuilding and other sports more than 30 categories, adolescent soccer shooting competition, "fitness carnival sports, sports training boutique lectures, music and somatosensory games and many other events, based on the individual needs of the public fitness, focusing on highlighting the entertainment, interactive, knowledge, to cast a set of events, fitness, training, culture, leisure, sales, tourism in one of yantai regional characteristics of the new experience of sports exhibition, and then condense the sports industry market, enhance public awareness of fitness, promotion of industrial restructuring and upgrading, promote national fitness career flourish. in particular, many enterprises have their own characteristics, but not be aware of the public, the current sports industry exhibition to participate in the exchange of sports enterprises to display the most dazzling scientific and technological achievements, to open up the market a good effect. "the sports exchange for our business to build a good platform, many people come to consult the registration matters.i hope zhifu district sports development center will be able to hold some more such activities." sunshine fitness center responsible person cui jian said.


the next step, zhifu district sports development center will show the exchange of the sports industry as an opportunity to speed up the sporting goods sales market cultivation and growth, sportswear, outdoor supplies, fitness equipment, focusing on actively attracting sporting goods business settled in zhifu. to three-station market as the basis, guide the sporting goods manufacturers, agents, distributors and other aggregation, the development of network sales, brand direct sales model to create a wholesale and retail distribution center for sporting goods. with the transformation of the old city film, planning the characteristics of sporting goods neighborhoods, and guide the sporting goods sales entities gathered, and gradually form a sports service industry cluster area, improve our region sporting goods market competitiveness and market share. promote the healthy and rapid development of sports industry, promote sports consumption, cultivate new economic growth point.

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