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shanghai issued the most stringent standards of plastic runway

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shanghai has introduced the "most stringent in the history of the school plastic runway harmful substances limited group standards, the school plastic raw materials, finished products of harmful substances and the amount of release made very strict rules.

shanghai's group standards based on national standards, a modest increase in the existing target limits, and targeted to increase the relevant technical indicators. the introduction of the international organization for standardization (iso) to develop environmentally harmful substances release rate test method.

use "total detection" to prevent other harmful substitutes

for the original detection problems that may exist, the shanghai community standard also introduces a lot of new concepts. the main drafters of the standard, shanghai jianke group jianke inspection co., ltd. senior engineer che yanping told reporters that compared to the existing standards for the detection of harmful substances, the new standard is the most important changes in the introduction of volatile organic compounds released the concept of.

che yanping introduction, the release of harmful substances is currently internationally widespread, the impact of materials on the air of the most direct and effective means, so as to truly reflect the material in the actual use of the process, the release of human health impact of pollution .
on this basis, the group standard will also test the simulated ambient temperature control to 60 degrees celsius, by examining the extreme high temperature environment, plastic runway organic compounds to ensure the release of organic compounds, to ensure the safety at room temperature.
shanghai's corporate standards have been called "the most stringent in the history of the industry", but also because it not only limits the traditional harmful volatile organic compounds such as benzene, toluene, xylene, but also introduces a concept of total quantity inspection to prevent the of harmful substances muddle through.

in this regard, che yanping cited a simple example: "so we control is benzene, toluene, xylene, as well as tdi, the other substances are not controlled, but if there is no total control, some people may not benzene and toluene, xylene, instead of using these solvents to replace ethyl acetate, which according to the standard test, then, may be qualified, because ethyl acetate is not detected.

on the basis of group standards, the shanghai municipal education commission has jointly issued a multi-sectoral notice, this summer's construction of school plastic field construction projects should be based on the new group standards to implement. according to the notice, the relevant units will also further strengthen the supervision of the construction of plastic venues.
gu fengfeng, deputy director of planning department of shanghai municipal education commission, said that during the implementation of the project, a "blacklist of school plastic construction enterprises" system was established and the construction enterprises with serious violations of laws and regulations were included in the "blacklist". in the plastic floor laying, sampling, acceptance and other processes, the construction unit can also invite representatives of the school level, such as home-based supervision. according to yang guang, "xinmin evening news"

responsibilities of various departments

city board of education: co-ordinate the school plastic field construction work, the establishment of information databases.

urban housing and urban construction management committee: to guide the county construction management departments, according to the scope of the project included in the construction of schools involved in the construction of plastic venues content of the project, the implementation of supervision and management.

municipal environmental protection bureau: the school indoor plastic construction site air quality testing to provide technical guidance and so on. municipal quality and technical supervision bureau is mainly responsible for guiding the industry associations to develop and improve the "school sports venues plastic surface layer of harmful substances" and other groups to carry out testing of plastic testing site inspection agency qualification and supervision and management.

the district education bureau: guidance, supervision, inspection area plastic surgery school construction management. in addition, to the illegal construction of serious violations of the blacklisted construction enterprises, and timely report to the city board of education and the corresponding construction authorities.

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