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rubber runway has been kindergarten sports venues and other places of all ages

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rubber runway has been kindergarten, sports venues and other places of all ages. on the basis of continuous research and development, today's products have been quite mature and are widely used in football, basketball, tennis, hockey, rugby, golf and leisure.
rubber runway has the following characteristics:
1. the surface layer and the bottom of the same material, using natural rubber made of excellent, green;
2. high-quality five-star with the material purity, ratio of five-star, excellent stability;
3. material synthesis, the best balance;
4. with the best tensile strength and elongation at break;
5. in the anti-sting, wear resistance has an extraordinary performance;
6. extremely outstanding resilience, the break results of the competition to provide special support
  since 2002, with the yan of the prefabricated rubber runway series of access to the chinese association for product certification certification, the chinese environmental labeling product certification, the iaaf iaaf product certification, the international federation of itf product certification, and so on more than 10 industry professional certification authority . september 2010, with the production of prefabricated rubber products with the yan runway with the construction of the huizhou olympic stadium,
at the same time, iaaf iaaf site ii certification and the chinese association for the field of a field certification, marking the same surface area in the runway products have taken a solid step.



rubber runway type:
prefabricated rubber runway series --- tang road
prefabricated rubber runway series --- pro
prefabricated rubber runway series --- combo

10 characteristics of the prefabricated rubber runway:
1, professional: combined with sports science and material science, the factory prefabricated process, can fully meet the professional requirements of the runway, and fully through the iaaf track and field runway physical and chemical performance indicators.
2, security: a unique surface relief and bottom concave nest design provides a suitable impact absorption and energy return system, both to ensure the movement of energy feedback while also ensuring the safety of movement.
3, environmental protection: the material to abandon the toxic and harmful substances, the real physical and mental health for the movement of the participants; can be retrofitted to extend the design of the product life, saving the earth's resources;
4, excellent weather resistance: under normal weather conditions, has good acid rain, alkali, uv, anti-fungal properties, in wet conditions can also meet the professional race required anti-skid properties, even in harsh climatic conditions (such as low temperature, high altitude climate, high ultraviolet areas, etc.), also has excellent athletic performance.
5, the economic durability: a high cost, at the same time with high abrasion resistance, stab-resistant performance, anti-aging and other excellent physical properties for the products in large, medium and high school track and field use of high-frequency improved quality guarantee.
6, colorful appearance: excellent color, colorful and not dazzling, both to increase the beauty of the stadium, while sportsmen to bring a pleasant physical and psychological experience.
7, to better reflect the fair competition: prefabricated rubber runway production process to ensure the consistency of product thickness to ensure that the athletes in the same game ground system uniformity, which also reflects the olympic spirit of fair play.
8. convenient installation: only use the special adhesive provided by our company. with a small amount of manpower and machinery, the runway coil can be laid on a compact foundation, and the installed runway can be put in 24 hours. use.
9, maintenance-free: no threshing lumping phenomenon, with a certain self-cleaning performance, just the daily cleaning, no professional maintenance.
10, the scope of application: can be universally applicable to sports venues at home and abroad and a variety of professional sports venues.


  at present, prefabricated rubber runway has been by schools, sports venues and other public places of all ages. by the average consumer's favorite, has a very broad market prospects.

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