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don't stay at home! the state council asked you to go out for exercise

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recently, the general office of the state council issued the opinions on promoting the national fitness and sports consumption to promote the high-quality development of the sports industry, proposing to promote the sports industry to become a pillar industry of the national economy, actively implement the national fitness action, and make regular physical exercise a way of life. what are the new changes in your fitness meeting?



reasonable use of park green space, municipal land and other construction of football field, basketball court, volleyball court and other sports facilities.

we will launch a nationwide campaign to build social football venues and facilities.

the existing buildings such as industrial workshop, commercial room and storage room, as well as the spaces such as roof and basement, are used to construct and transform them into sports facilities.

support primary and secondary schools to carry out the transformation of the social channels of the campus sports facilities, and open them to the society in their spare time and holiday days; if they do not have the conditions for transformation, they should also ensure that they open them to the teachers and students of the school in their spare time and holiday days.

we will promote the extension of the opening hours of public sports venues.

strive to build the fitness organization and "15 minute fitness circle" around the people.

enrich mass sports events and optimize participation experience.

promote the deep integration of ice and snow industry and related industries, reasonably plan and widely mobilize social forces to invest in the construction of ice and snow sports facilities.

support the development of intelligent sports events with ice and snow, football, basketball, car racing and other sports as the main content.

based on the resource endowment, guide the reasonable layout of football, ice and snow, mountain outdoor, water, automobile and motorcycle, aviation and other sports industry. encourage all regions to develop a number of outdoor sports represented by rock climbing, canoeing, skiing, paragliding, cross-country automobile, etc.

we will promote the one belt, one road, and other countries to hold marathon, bicycles, sailing, and car rally events.


develop sports goods manufacturing industry: promote the application of new technologies such as intelligent manufacturing, big data, artificial intelligence in sports manufacturing. we will encourage sports enterprises, universities and scientific research institutes to jointly establish r & d and manufacturing centers for sports goods.

professionalization of sports events: focus on the development of existing professional leagues, encourage qualified sports to hold professional events, and build a reasonable classification system of professional leagues. support the establishment of various professional alliances. support the development of inter school sports events and explore the commercial operation mode. we will promote the market-oriented operation of broadcasting rights for sports events.

training talents in sports industry: encourage universities and vocational colleges to set up sports industry related majors, and form a high-level talent training system that effectively supports the development of sports industry. improve the evaluation system of coaches.

improve the credit records of the main body and employees of the sports market.

we will intensify efforts to crack down on illegal and illegal operations in the sports market and standardize the order of the sports market.

physical and medical integration——

encourage hospitals to train and introduce sports rehabilitation practitioners, carry out sports to promote health guidance, and promote the formation of a disease management and health service model of medical integration.

improve the national physique monitoring index system, and include relevant indexes into the recommended range of residents' physical examination.

provide targeted fitness programs or sports guidance services for different groups of people. strengthen non-medical health intervention for the elderly, popularize fitness knowledge, and organize fitness activities.

integration of sports and tourism——

we will implement the demonstration project of sports tourism products, and build a number of influential sports tourism lines, events and demonstration bases.

to standardize and guide the construction of sports tourism demonstration areas.

we will take mountaineering, hiking, cross-country running and other sports as an important direction for the development of forest tourism.

integration of sports and education——

sports leagues at all levels of schools are widely carried out.

support the development of inter school sports events and explore the commercial operation mode.

by means of government purchasing services, professional coaches, retired athletes and sports training institutions are introduced to provide guidance for extracurricular sports training and competition in schools.

encourage all localities to include sports bases, sports camps, etc. into youth research bases.

we will improve the system of physical education, training, and competition in schools, and support schools and physical education departments in establishing a common training mechanism for athletes.

taking swimming, track and field as the pilot projects, the events that meet the requirements sponsored by the education department will be included in the athlete's technical rating system.

to promote each student to master at least one sport skill that will benefit them for life.


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