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— 69cc全盛棋牌v4.7.5的产品展示 —
  • name:multi-purpose court
  • serial:004
  • shelves time: 2016-09-21
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multi-purpose court  is a new type of prefabricated rubber court , using a high-density elastic wear-resistant layer, durable; design of litchi lines to meet the needs of different sports. the bottom layer, can provide superior sports experience. the thickness of the surface layer is 1.5-2mm .the product is  en14904 standard.

on the speed field with upper and lower layer forming a two-tier structure, the upper and lower density, shock deformation in the received characteristics are different, this structure with the surface pattern design, the contact area of the stadium area of the deformation, from 2cm extended to 4cm, so the speed field has a greater force area and the friction area, this design brings the benefits are:
1, greater freedom of movement;
2, a more stable foot activity area;
3, more stable friction;
4, a better feeling of movement.

the bottom of the security field using a dense foam technology, advanced production technology and sophisticated raw material formula so that many airtight small airbags dispersed evenly at the bottom of the speed field materials, each of the small airbags have played a similar role in the air cushion, the athletes in the process of delivering power to provide excellent impact absorption, the athletes played a full protection.
      the speed field has realized indoor and outdoor, all-weather, multi-functional sports requirements, non-toxic and tasteless, wear-resistant weather, regardless of rain and rain can have excellent anti-skid effect, while the protection of athletes and their excellent.